Talking Science works with a network of partners offering key specialties to complement and enhance programs for their clients. Talk with Talking Science direct or contact these companies direct. We guarantee you a warm welcome and honest, open advice to develop solutions for your needs.

Sharp Creative are a local boutique graphic design partner who can quickly and cost effectively turn around anything from a business card or pop up display for an exhibition to a web site or company collateral.Sharp is very responsive with a quiet, firm creative ability to listen and come up with a

variety of concepts for companies with a small budget while having the experience to support national media programs.

Insight Management Services is a niche Headhunting and Recruitment service focussed on commercial positions in scientific and technical companies. Our lead Consultant, Peter Booth, has over 27 years’ experience working in this space on
the client side, so when you work with Insight you can be sure we understand your business and your technologies. We work on recruitment assignments from the CEO/MD down through the organisation but only in Sales, Service, Customer Support and Marketing. This is where our experience can be most useful to you because we have been in your shoes and have most likely experienced the challenges you currently face.


Key Media Partners for the clients of Talking Science include

American Laboratory/Labcomp​are
The Analytical Scientist
AZo Networks – AZoM and AZoNano
European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
European Pharmaceutical Review
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Imaging & Microscopy
infocus – Royal Microscopical Society
International Labmate
Lab Bulletin
Laboratory Equipment
Lab Manager/LabX
Laboratory News
Laser Focus World
Materials Today
Microscopy & Analysis  
Microscopy Today
Novus Today/Solar Novus
Photonex/Vacuum Expo
Select Science
Technology Networks