Talking Science specialises in communicating product and applications stories to print and online media. It achieves this in a personal manner based on relationships built with the media over a number of years.

We use a variety of strategic and tactical marketing tools. The focus is on the written word delivered in a way that meets the needs of editors in a variety of markets across science and technology. To do this, Talking Science employs scientific staff who can talk the talk of their clients and then have the ability to translate potentially complex messages into easily read solutions for the reader who may not yet be an expert in the subject in front of them.

Communication means integration into all aspects of a company’s marketing. Branding, positioning, applying a style guide, message development are all aspects in which the written word has to perform effectively. Talking Science delivers these using a number of complementary services. These will be delivered directly by the company or through the use of partner organisations with the appropriately defined key skills. Check out the Links page and see what extra facilities are available from Talking Science.

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