Regular communications with clients, past, current and prospective, can be a challenge. Is it possible to deliver something that is personal; that provides useful information; and is not intrusive? The answer can be the eNewsletter delivered in HTML or text format providing the attest news on products, services, applications and events. It delivers into your contact’s inbox information you would ideally like to be delivering face to face.Generating content can be quite routinely achieved. If you have an active PR program, you can extend the story to include more photographs & illustrations. If you are attending conferences and exhibitions, you can provide details, perhaps instigate meetings?

Delivered electronically, you can use simple tracking to see when they are read, by whom and also whether any extras have been downloaded such as a brochure or a photograph. This is useful knowledge for the sales team so they can target specific products or topics to discuss when they make their next personal contact.

eNewsletters are easily designed to match your branding or style guide. They can be used to drive traffic to your web site; they can be archived over time to provide a wealth of information for your customers; readers can forward issues to a friend or colleague automatically increasing your data base. And to be in conformation with data handling legislation, readers may unsubscribe too.

Speak with Talking Science and see how eNewsletters could help your programs.