Placed Articles

Placing articles in print or online is a priceless way of getting your products and services in front of potential customers. Advertising has its use if that is the strategy and the budget is available. Look at the value of a placed article. Compare the cost of buying two or three pages of print advertising to getting an essentially free position in a journal or magazine where readers focus on editorial copy.


This is a great use of extending PR. Editors will often pick up on exciting, topical press releases. They will contact to ask if an extended article may be written. This is another strength delivered by Talking Science. Having written articles for publications around the globe, our writers know the style of different publications. Knowing and understanding the ground rules of the different editors simplifies the placement process.


Look at examples from journals and magazines where Talking Science has written and placed articles: Microscopy & Analysis, Imaging & Microscopy, Microscopy Today, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Manufacturing Chemist, Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, Bioprocess International, GIT Labor, European Biopharmaceutical Review, Materials Today, Laboratory News, International Labmate, American Laboratory, Labmate UK/Ireland, Environmental Nano Techniques…

Have you materials available that need placement? Let Talking Science help you find them a home.