Press releases


Telling the world about what you do, what you have to sell, supply; to tell the markets where you wish to sell; to tell your potential customers about yourself and what you do….this is where you need to use succinct, well written press releases.

Oxford InstrumentsThe world has changed a lot in the last five years. It is no longer a place where print is king. While it still has value, online posting of news has become the place to focus. It is fast. It is content rich. It generates traffic and sales leads to your web site or direct to your inbox.

Illustrating this speedy way of communicating, you only have to follow the likes of Google alerts and news postings. Also, many of the portals running your PR will want to tell you they have posted it.

LinkamTargeting the media, knowing the editors, their styles, their deadlines; this is important if you wish to get noticed. With more than thirty years operating in this market, Talking Science delivers these solutions on behalf of their clients time and again.

eCommunications technology is used to deliver releases, tracking when they are read, by whom and also whether any extras have been downloaded such as a brochure or a photograph. This is useful knowledge as it can be used to generate invitations to write extended articles.

Start the process today and let Talking Science launch your PR program today.