Product Launches

In past years, companies were known to save up the launch of their products for a major exhibition. In the world of science, this might have been at the Pittsburgh Conference in the USA or Analytica or ACHEMA in Germany. The Internet world has changed this communication model. Now companies will launch their products to suit their business model and to deliver product quickly to their customers. This means the launch model has changed too.

Talking Science Marketing Wheel™

An integrated program of strategic marketing is required. Talking Science employs their Marketing Wheel™ for this.

  •     It considers what the customer needs – through market research.
  •     It considers how the company makes the product – working through the
        product management process.
  •     It looks at which messages are best used to reach the market in a timely
        manner – the tools of marketing communications.
  •     Last, but definitely not least, it helps companies get all their employees
        on the same page with the same message.

Clients announce new partnerships and new products using press releases.

Talking Science has worked with companies in one or more aspects of this approach. The Marketing Wheel is an important concept and when applied, can greatly improve a company’s performance. Talk with us now about your next product launch. We would like to help you make it as successful as possible.