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July 2017 saw the biennial Microscience Microscopy Congress return to Manchester’s Central Convention Centre.

And several Talking Science clients are attending the meeting in one way or another. Read what they will be doing below.


Deben produce a range of advanced microscopy accessories notably in the field of scanning electron microscopes. Lots of users dropped by the stand to learn the latest about the use of in situ stages and µX-ray CT systems.

The Deben workshop was led by Oxford’s Kalin Dragnevski from LIMA was very well attended 


with standing-room only. Kalin had an article published in Microscopy & Analysis last year and Talking Science is now pleased to announce that Professor James Marrow from Oxford’s materials department has an article that will be published by M&A in July’s issue which focuses on in situ techniques.


Linkam, the world leaders in temperature controlled microscopy stages, will be launching new products for materials and life sciences. The emphasis is for users to get more from their microscope through the materials characterisation techniques offered by Linkam.

Their Optical differential scanning calorimetry was very popular with visitors.


The Optical DSC450 combines image capture with DSC to provide a solution that correlates enthalpy changes of samples with visual changes to the sample. The Optical DSC450 has a temperature range from -196°C to 450°C. The new DSC has been specifically designed to work with optical microscopes. The new LINK Digital Imaging module enables additional information to be obtained by correlating optical changes such as colour and morphology with temperature.

Linkam also showed several of their materials property characterisation stages demonstrating the ease by which a regular optical microscope may be changed into a platform for a family of different chemical and physical measurements. A new plunge freezer was demonstrated with Linkam’s CMS196M cryo-CLEM stage (below right). Their cryo-CLEM workshop showed how Linkam’s development engineers about their needs and how Linkam systems can fit right into their cryo-correlative workflow. The M&A team recorded an interview about the development process on the plunger.


JPK were in Manchester for the UK SPM meeting and shared a stand with German company, Abberior Instruments, to show the new STEDYCON module in operation with the NanoWizard® AFM system. The new technique combination attracted the attention of M&A editor, Dr Chris Parmenter, who interviewed the companies for M&A’s online pages. This will be posted by the end of July.

The combined Abberior STEDYCON and JPK NanoWizard® AFM setup is shown at the JPK headquarters in Berlin where it is available for demonstration.


Quorum also showed their cryo prep system, the PP3010T, and their innovative glow discharge system, GloQube™.

Quorum Technologies, market and technology leaders in coating systems and cryogenic sample preparation equipment , demonstrated new product development approaches for coating, preparation and transfer for electron microscopy. Technical Director, Bob Morrison, was interviewed by the M&A team. Editor, Dr Chris Parmenter, a leading electron microscopist in his own right, was most impressed by these latest developments.

Other Talking Science clients including Phasefocus and analytik visited mmc2017. They took advantage of the meeting to see the latest developments in microscopy and to meet with members of the media to discuss new products and applications for future articles.

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